Deer hunt update and Vote for Jeff!

Hey, gang. Check out my home page for a link to the Packers Fans Hall of Fame voting site, where you can vote for Jeff Kahlow, of Big Guy Hats. Jeff is the most rabid Packer fan I know and a guy who really deserves to be in the hall of fame.

You can vote once a day until December 9, so do it now and come back often!

Well, we did another day of TV deer hunting today, adding Jerry Kiesow and Bob Worth to our group. In a nutshell, we moved one nice buck that jumped out behind the drivers and eluded the standers and a small buck and a doe that ran past the standers so fast there was no hope for a good shot. Got a quick run-by on tape, however, so our day was not a total bust.

Charlie & Gail and I are going back at it again in the morning, determined to put one on the meat pole. We’ll keep you posted.


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