Dan at OWAA Conference

Dan is at the OWAA Conference in Roanoke, VA. He’s going to be quite busy I hear, along with his co-anchor, Judy Nugent, of the Dan Small & Judy Nugent Outdoors Radio show; on the Lake-Link Radio network; carting off a bunch of Radio awards. I can’t wait to see what they actually come home with.

Dan might attempt to post to this blog while in Roanoke, but he’ll be quite busy and will likely not get to it until he returns to Wisconsin.

So look for Dan’s posts .. Coming Soon .. here on his new Blog The Road w/ Dan Small Outdoors blog.


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One thought on “Dan at OWAA Conference

  1. Ben Hobbins

    Dan and Judy,

    A personal thanks from Lake Resources Group, a Wisconsin manufacturer of cutting edge, patent pending IronClad Soft Bait lure and component technologies, co-developed with the Polymer Research Center of the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering and Business School.

    ICAST50, the Golden Anniversary show, was just phenomenal for Lake Resources, launching its first IronClad soft bait product lines ”under the radar” and balloting very closely behind goliath Pure Fishing ($400M) in the Soft Lure Best of Show category.

    This technology represents a revolution for fishermen and the environment. More fish caught -with near permanent soft lures, increased fishing time and pleasure, plus, NO MORE drop in the environment of soft, polluting plastic.

    Everyone wins and these products are affordable, similar to hard baits in that they are lost due to heavy snag ups, hook and line failure.

    At ICAST50, professional tournament fishermen commented after having ”tug-of-wars” with me and a soft worm, that this technology is almost ”no-fail” and capable of rolling over logs and rocks before the SOFT plastic lure actually fails. tournament hooks, lines and leader fail before the SOFT lure fails.

    Unbelieveable! It is almost, even for I -the inventor of patent pending IronClad technologies!

    It was so nice to meet Judy at ICAST50. You both have been such strong supporters of fishing and the environment -conservation efforts that safeguard the sport and our pristine ecosystems.

    Lake Resources and the Lake Resources Trust – a foundation that will provide youth & adult angler education and fish & wildlife project grants, will actively address these very same core values.

    I know that Outdoors Wisconsin has, through my lifetime, played a role in my approach and thought processes in reard for the Outdoors. Maybe it rubbed off Dan, in development of this technology!

    Designed for Fishermen. Designed for the Environment.
    …Indestructable IronClad Soft Bait Technologies

    To all fishermen everywhere, and to Outdoors Wisconsin, Dan and Judy, this technology was designed for you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ben Hobbins
    Lake Resources Group Inc
    ExecMBA, MSE-SBA


    email: lakeresourcesgroup@yahoo.com


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