How close, is (MOO)se close?

When you’re on a hunt, how close do YOU believe you can get to the game? Do you consider the possible outcomes of truly getting close on your target? Consider the following videos. It’s clear the range of outcomes can cover the entire gamut of possibilities.
moose are curious when they aren't afraid Cow ‘n Calf Moose Meet Hunter The next time you think your encounter is really close – consider the exchange this fellow bowhunter and his new ‘moosefriend and her calf’ have on video. Click the photo to view the YouTube video of what may well be this guy’s most interesting hunt to date.
The Next Few Seconds Now consider this bowhunter to moose encounter. This bowhunter clearly needed to consider much more than a clear shooting lane and arrow placement strategy. How about a strategy for what happens next !

Never take for granted the outcome of a human animal encounter. Always be prepared to expect the unexpected. Be sure to have a plan that will keep you alive-n-well to hunt another day, for when it –the UNEXPECTED– does happens!

Too close for comfort
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One thought on “How close, is (MOO)se close?

  1. Caleb Pearce

    That is amassing, that guy that shot the bull moose is vary lucky. That moose could have killed him.

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