Congrats, Trout Unlimited 50 years and Flowing Strong

At breakfast this morning, Scott Stouder of Trout Unlimited announced TU’s 50th anniversary. TU got started in 1959 on the banks of Michigan’s Ausable River (which I might be fishing later this week) when a handful of trout anglers got tired of catching hotdog-size hatchery trout and decided it was time to do something about it. The greenest of conservation organizations, TU now has 140,000 members with chapters in 38 states.

Scott showed a video depicting TU’s 4-fold mission: Protect (intact watersheds), Reconnect (dammed and broken river threads), Restore (damaged streams), Sustain (pristine fisheries & future conservation efforts).

The Restore theme was illustrated by footage of stream restoration efforts in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area (AKA “Coulee Country”), where TU helps WI DNR stabilize streambanks, re-meander channelized streams and build fish habitat. WI DNR fisheries supervisor Dave Vetrano narrated stream improvement work. Was that Paul Hayes I saw building a LUNKER Structure? Hey, Dave – was that Elk Creek you were working on there?


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