Good news on WI Stewardship program

Hey, gang! Got this message yesterday from George Meyer. Looks like a flood of messages from concerned citizens can sometimes have an impact on legislation. I’m pasting George’s message below. Read it – we’re not out of the woods yet. (Or, more accurately – we’re not IN the woods yet!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been tweeting up a storm. Still learning, but having fun! Check out Twitter and look for dsoradio. I’m off to the U.P. today, over to Ironwood tonight. Hope to visit Stormy Kromer in the morning, then off to Ashland to visit Deer Creek Seed and then to Bayfield
for Big Top Chautauqua’s opening night.

Stay tuned for reports – shorties on Twitter.

Here’s George’s message:

Due to your phone calls and emails, theĀ  requirement that, in most cases,
lands bought with Stewardship grants be open to public hunting, fishing and
trapping will still remain in state law.

Last Saturday morning the Assembly passed their version of the budget and
the Joint Finance Committee deletion of the hunting, fishing and trapping
requirement was removed.

Then in this mornings Wisconsin State Journal, Senator Mark Miller, the
author of the Joint Finance Committee budget amendment which deleted the
current public access requirement, stated that he was not going to seek
language in the Senate version of the bill taking away the public access.

What this means is that the budget coming out of the Senate and Assembly
will make no changes to the current positive public access requirement.

Thank you for your hard work on this issue.

We will need to be continually vigilant on this issue. There are hints that
a separate legislative bill may be introduced deleting the Stewardship
public access requirements and we are also anticipating that those opposed
to public access for hunting, fishing and trapping will try to water down
the access requirements by administrative rules which will be going to the
Natural Resources Board later this year.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation will keep you informed on future threats
to Stewardship access as soon as we become aware of them.

Take care,

George Meyer
Executive Director
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

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