Chill Killer keeps you warm in winter!

The Chill Killer, neck warmer-wrap

Now that winter is here with a vengeance, it’s critical to stay warm when you’re outdoors. Don’t let cold weather make you uncomfortable when hunting, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing or just shoveling snow. I recently discovered a new product that combines the wind-cutting effect of a scarf or turtleneck with the heat-generating capacity of those little air-activated heat packets we all use in our gloves, pockets and boots. Put two heat packets in a Chill Killer and wrap it around your neck. The heat packets heat the blood in your carotid arteries, which sends a signal to your brain to open the capillaries in your extremities. Your head stays war, and so do your fingers and toes!

Listen to an interview with the inventor of Chill Killer on Outdoors Radio Show 452 and check out Chill Killer here.


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