Dave Richey’s new blog post hits the mark

Outdoor writer Dave Richey, who hails from the Traverse City, Michigan area, writes about the benefits and drawbacks of hunting and fishing alone in his latest post, Go it Alone. “It’s OK to be selfish once in awhile,” Richey writes.

But he also says: “Anyone who knows me well understands what makes me tick. I’m a giver, a helper, a person who will go out of my way to help someone else. I enjoy doing so because it makes me feel good.”

I know Dave well enough to confirm that latter statement. I think we all enjoy a solitary hunting or fishing outing, but you can’t deny the pleasure derived from introducing a newcomer to the outdoors. Share a duck-blind sunrise with a friend and maybe he will be encouraged to try it on his own sometime.

Share the heritage, preserve the sport.


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