The Run is On

The spring steelhead run is on in Lake Michigan tributaries. Here’s a link to a steelhead angler’s best fish yet, caught this morning, I’m guessing on the Root River.


This #bigboy #steelhead made this chrome-addict happy. And the fish, well – notice the down-turned eye? Well, he’s still very much alive. Likely released. A good practice by most steelheaders. Let other have the fun, too!


Close-up of down-turned eye. Alive!

NOTE that you can tell from the down-turned eye that the fish is still alive in this photo. Big Boy doesn’t say so, but I’m betting he released the fish, as most steelhead anglers do. If you want one to eat, choose a three-pound male chromer. Otherwise, let them go. Sure, they do not spawn successfully here in Wisconsin waters, but someone else can have a thrill catching a fish you release. If you want a mount, go for a replica. All you need is a good photo, along with length and girth measurements. Oh, and a few bucks to pay the taxidermist.

Big Boy catches the fish of a lifetime, and here I sit on a beaver tree last Friday, waiting for the ice to go out on the Milwaukee River. Time to shake the dust off the waders, string up a rod and hit the streams. Don’t forget your polarized glasses.


Dan enjoying the sun, but wearing his teeth down a bit chewing over the lack of time using that fly rod for steelhead fishing.

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