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Great show this week on Outdoors Radio



Here’s the line-up this week on Outdoors Radio:


Pat Reeve, of Driven TV, shares advice for attracting and holding big bucks, even to small properties. Pat also talks about the importance he and his wife and co-host, Nicole, place on introducing kids into the outdoors. His 12-year-old son shot a gobbler in Illinois last weekend.




Larry Bonde, vice chairman of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, urges listeners to attend CCLogocolor300the Spring Conservation Congress meetings and Fish & Wildlife Rules Hearings, Monday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m. in every county.




The-Range-of-Richfield-logo-clean2Range of Richfield president Jim Babiasz announces April’s Couples Date Night, “Casino Night Shoot-Off,” April 22.


You can listen to our show on 13 broadcast stations and about as many podcasts. Find the link to a station near you or listen online here.

Jeff and I will also talk about this weekend’s Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo, April 1-3 in Madison. I’ll be there all weekend, so stop by my booth (No. 1801) and let’s talk turkey. You can also pick up a DVD of the Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin TV special, or a can of Sawyer Permethryn Tick Spray to keep those nasty wood ticks and deer ticks off when you are turkey hunting this spring.

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Learn about Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin on the Larry Meiller Show

Wisconsin DNR upland wildlife ecologist Mark Witecha and I will be guests on the The Larry Meiller Show on Wisconsin Public Radio at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 30. Mark will talk about the status of wild turkeys in the state and the outlook for Wisconsin’s spring hunt, which begins on April 13. We will both talk about the upcoming broadcast of the TV special I will host, Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin, which will air on multiple networks, starting at 9 p.m. April 7 on Milwaukee Public Television.

23896515583_8e15a571be_oThe show will also air on the Wisconsin Public Television Network flagship channel, at 8 p.m. on April 25th. For a complete listing of networks, stations, dates and times, visit our Facebook page.

We’ll be posting a sneak preview of the show soon on YouTube, so watch for that as well.

This show, produced by Mark LaBarbera, of the Outdoor Heritage Education Center, and sponsored in part by the Wisconsin DNR and the National Wild Turkey Federation, will cover a wide range of topics that deal with the wild turkey and its reintroduction here in Wisconsin. You might not know this, but today’s statewide turkey flock of 300,000+ birds came from the introduction of several hundred turkeys in the Bad Axe watershed of La Crosse and Vernon counties back in 1976. Wisconsin traded wild ruffed grouse for wild turkeys with the state of Missouri, and the rest is history. We’ll cover that history and much more, including turkey biology, hunting opportunities, and diseases.

Other show sponsors include Drake’s Adventures and Hunting Works for Wisconsin.

You’ll see some spectacular footage of wild turkeys up close and personal, doing their spring thing. If you’re a hunter, this show will get you fired up for the season. If you just enjoy watching turkeys, you’ll see some behavior you might rarely see in the field.

Don’t miss it!

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Real Men Eat Quiche and Fried Rice (with Pheasant and Jones Sausage…)

OK, I know what you’re thinking. Quiche is a sissy dish, right? I mean, if you’re going to eat eggs, why not fry them up like a couple of orange eyeballs, flip them over if you must to gel the slime, then slide them onto a warm plate, right next to your favorite breakfast meat. For my money, that meat is Jones Dairy Farm Cherrywood Smoked Bacon or Original Pork Sausage. Take your pick, or take them both.

But wait – what about this quiche thing? Well, if you listen to Outdoors Radio Show 1111, Chef Big Al dishes up a fantastic recipe for –– wait for it –– Pheasant and Sausage Quiche. Yup. Pheasant breast and Jones Original Pork Sausage.

Listen in as Hardwater Jeff Kelm and I give Big Al (owner of The Exclusive Hunting Club near Fort Atkinson) a hard time about a quiche dish. They don’t call him “Big Al” for nothing. I mean, this guy can put away a half dozen eggs and half pound of bacon for breakfast without batting an eye! And yet, here he is pushing this quiche dish on us. But give it a try –– I just about guarantee you’ll find it not only tasty, but downright satisfying, in a full-belly sense. This is a breakfast worth sitting down to!

pheasant and sausage quicheBig Al presents this recipe at the 24:00 mark in the show. Listen in, and then download the recipe here. I won’t give it all away, but Jeff finally concedes he would try it if Al changed the name to “Pheasant, Sausage, Egg Bake.” Bake, quiche, call it what you want, but give it a try.

And if you’re intrigued by that recipe, then you’re ready for another pheasant/sausage dish: Pheasant Fried Rice. You’ll find this one in this week’s show, No. 1113, which will be posted on Lake-Link sometime this week. This time, it’s Jones Dairy Farm’s chef Shaun Edwards who dishes up a fried rice dish, complete with pheasant breast and some more of that juicy Jones Original Pork Sausage. You can hear it at about the 17:00 mark in this week’s show.

PHEASANT FRIED RICEThis recipe will also be posted on the Jones Dairy Farm website. Just search for it by name.

We’re also offering our listeners and friends a chance to win $50 worth of Jones Dairy Farm products. Just call 414-297-7554, or email us. Leave your contact info and mention the Jones giveaway. Enter by noon on Monday, March 28th to be eligible for this week’s drawing.



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