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has been host/producer… of WMVS-TV’s OUTDOOR WISCONSIN since its premiere in November, 1984. He is also a contributing editor of WISCONSIN OUTDOOR NEWS, a bi-weekly newspaper that covers outdoor activities, environmental concerns and other items of interest to Wisconsin’s sportsmen and women. He is an avid outdoorsman and a widely published writer/photographer with credits in national and regional magazines. His writing has won numerous awards in regional and national competition. He was named onservation Communicator of the Year in 1986 by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and in 1990 received the Gordon MacQuarrie Award for excellence in environmental communication from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. In 1999, he was awarded the Excellence in Craft Award by the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers. Dan is host of the NORTH AMERICAN TRAILS HOME VIDEO LIBRARY series and author of FISH WISCONSIN. He co-authored the OUTDOOR WISCONSIN COOKBOOK and its paperback version, the WILD HARVEST COOKBOOK.

Real Men Eat Quiche and Fried Rice (with Pheasant and Jones Sausage…)

OK, I know what you’re thinking. Quiche is a sissy dish, right? I mean, if you’re going to eat eggs, why not fry them up like a couple of orange eyeballs, flip them over if you must to gel the slime, then slide them onto a warm plate, right next to your favorite breakfast meat. For my money, that meat is Jones Dairy Farm Cherrywood Smoked Bacon or Original Pork Sausage. Take your pick, or take them both.

But wait – what about this quiche thing? Well, if you listen to Outdoors Radio Show 1111, Chef Big Al dishes up a fantastic recipe for –– wait for it –– Pheasant and Sausage Quiche. Yup. Pheasant breast and Jones Original Pork Sausage.

Listen in as Hardwater Jeff Kelm and I give Big Al (owner of The Exclusive Hunting Club near Fort Atkinson) a hard time about a quiche dish. They don’t call him “Big Al” for nothing. I mean, this guy can put away a half dozen eggs and half pound of bacon for breakfast without batting an eye! And yet, here he is pushing this quiche dish on us. But give it a try –– I just about guarantee you’ll find it not only tasty, but downright satisfying, in a full-belly sense. This is a breakfast worth sitting down to!

pheasant and sausage quicheBig Al presents this recipe at the 24:00 mark in the show. Listen in, and then download the recipe here. I won’t give it all away, but Jeff finally concedes he would try it if Al changed the name to “Pheasant, Sausage, Egg Bake.” Bake, quiche, call it what you want, but give it a try.

And if you’re intrigued by that recipe, then you’re ready for another pheasant/sausage dish: Pheasant Fried Rice. You’ll find this one in this week’s show, No. 1113, which will be posted on Lake-Link sometime this week. This time, it’s Jones Dairy Farm’s chef Shaun Edwards who dishes up a fried rice dish, complete with pheasant breast and some more of that juicy Jones Original Pork Sausage. You can hear it at about the 17:00 mark in this week’s show.

PHEASANT FRIED RICEThis recipe will also be posted on the Jones Dairy Farm website. Just search for it by name.

We’re also offering our listeners and friends a chance to win $50 worth of Jones Dairy Farm products. Just call 414-297-7554, or email us. Leave your contact info and mention the Jones giveaway. Enter by noon on Monday, March 28th to be eligible for this week’s drawing.



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Guess Who Is a 2016 Stormy Kromer Ambassador?

I am honored to be among the Stormy Kromer Ambassador Class of 2016.


Dan Small, Host of OUTDOORS RADIO w/ Dan Small and Producer/Host of Outdoor Wisconsin, can now add Stormy-Kromer Ambassador for 2016 to the multiple hats he wears. When you see Dan out’n’about, you will note that he dearly LOVES his Stormy-Kromer hats (yes, he has many of them).

Along with seven other ambassadors, I will be helping to tell the world about this iconic clothing line. If you have not heard of Stormy Kromer, believe me, you will in the coming months because this year’s class is an active group who will share their love for the SK brand’s versatility, comfort, style, history and legacy.

We wear our Stormy Kromers with pride! Mine keep me warm all winter, as I produce segments for Outdoor Wisconsin and enjoy Wisconsin’s great outdoor lifestyle of hunting, fishing and exploring. I’m looking forward to letting everyone know about this great company and its products.


Stay tuned for more coming soon!


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Last Hurrah for Rabbit Hunting

Leap Year Ops, Cottontail Hunt is Coming to an End


Dan with a nice winter cottontail rabbit from a successful hunt.

Wisconsin’s cottontail rabbit season ends Feb. 29, so there’s an extra day of rabbit hunting available because of Leap Year. If you haven’t been out, time’s a wastin’! Here’s a link to a great story in this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Paul Smith on a memorable hunt I was honored to participate in recently.

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